Elance Sure Pass Exam

Posted: January 24, 2011 in Elance, WORK at HOME

Elance is one of the sites that offer freelance workers the opportunity to bid projects based on their skills and have a virtual office at their comfort zones. Hire or Work  on Elance. Hire for company who post their project(s) with their corresponding budget to do the task at definite hour rate or fixed price. Work for freelance workers who find, submit and bid price on projects which qualifies their skills.

A major factor before bidding or applying for any projects posted on Elance is being able to pass the Elance Admission Test. This document is my personal record on taking the test on Elance. Its my second attempt on taking test on Elance.

Elance Sure Pass Admission Test

Common sense do apply in taking this test.

Please give comment after downloading the file. Other sites have uploaded similar articles to this. You can have compare this document to validate.

AlertPay Personal Starter Account

Posted: January 23, 2011 in AlertPay

Alert Pay

Alert Pay is considered to be one of the most secured way to pay/send money online for free. Provide quality services in online money transactions between the consumers(clients) and businesses (employers)  via their debit or credit card link information provided.

  1. Type the URL address, http://www.alertpay.com or “click here” to Sign-Up.
  2. Click Sign-Up now button
  3. Alert Pay automatically detect your country settings
  4. Click the Check image on Personal Starter, then click Next Step button.
  5. Fill in the required Personal Information, then click Next Step button.
  6. Fill in the required Account Information, then click Final Step.
  7. Validate your account through email.
  8. Sign – in to your email account and follow the link mailed to you by Alert Pay.
  9. Continue to Login with your new account.
  10. Become Verified Account by providing Debit or Credit card information to your Personal Account.

sample new account

sample new account

It is my personal exam taken with my 6th attempt to take the test. I guess sharing this info does not void my ODESK account.

You can download the copy of my exam using print screen command and editing the pictures using Office Picture Manager.

odesk exam

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1. Go to http://www.paypal.com/on your URL address bar.

2. Click  Sign Up

3.  Choose your Country, system will automatically detect your country settings.

4. Click Get Started button under Personal Account

5. User will be required to fill all the required fields.

6. Unchecked the Link my credit card so I can start shopping right away (recommended) check box.

7. Click Agree and Create Account button

8. On the next page click Go To My Account link below the frame of the credit card information.

9. Congratulations you have your PayPal Personal Account.

Unverified PayPal Account





10. Confirm your PayPal account.

Paypal confirmation by email









Note: Status is unverified. You can verify your PayPal account only when you link your debit or credit card information.